About Us

Oliglo is paving the way towards a more experiential approach in beauty. We are redefining “anti” aging ideologies and starting a “pro” aging revolution.


We are intentional about ingredients performing at the highest level guided by the pure romance of ancient rituals. Our skin deserves integrity, transparency, and the ingenuity of traditional-meets-modern science. 


Olga Avila, Oliglo Founder

"I founded Oliglo on the pure and simple notion that true beauty is ever-evolving. My mission is to re-define each season of life as a miraculous, spiritual process through conscious skin science. 

Enlightened by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi - a teaching that reveres beauty in all its imperfections - Oliglo is devoted to infusing cutting edge science with ancient beauty traditions that highlight ones natural beauty. 

We are the skin we live in, and deserve to truly enjoy the serene glow that comes with age. Taking an empathetic approach to beauty, I want to reframe "anti" aging ideologies and instead, nurture the "pro" resilient nature of our skin. 

My goal is to enrich each season of life without the desire to cover it up."

Founder, Olga Avila